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We work either directly with pipeline operators, or as a subcontrator through pipeline sevice companies.  When operating as a subcontractor, we respect our customers' relationships with the pipeline operators.


We perform various types of services for our pipeline customers.  These operations include but are not limited to purging, drying, pigging, pressure testing, and pre-commissioning.




Refinery and chemical plant services include purging, drying, pressure testing, catalyst and reactor cooling, and nitrogen pipeline outage support. 

We focus on Gulf Coast Area customers, but have capabilty to mobilize almost anywhere needed in the continental US.  We have multiple sources of nitrogen with plants located near the majority of our refining and petrochemical customers.

  • Oilfield Services

    • Well fluid displacement

    • Foam cement support

    • Atomizing treatments

    • Coiled Tubing Support

    • Frac Support

  • Marine

    • Barge and ship purges

    • Tank and vessel purges

High Pressure Nitrogen Pumping

Visit our Pumping Equipment page to learn more about our capabilities.

Nitrogen Pipeline Purging
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